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Ian Dowling Ceramic Artist

The Ceramic Arts Association
of Western Australia

once again holds their
Members Annual Selective Exhibition
this year at
Heathcote Gallery
Friday April 12th to
 Sunday 19th May 2013

photo by Victor France
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While Ian uses a diverse range of ceramic production techniques to work across all scales, each of the forms of his art are closely interrelated.
"Using the medium of ceramics I work to produce three broad formats of related visual art". See my techniques section here
Modular Ceramics by Ian Dowling
Modular Ceramics

Following an interest in creating larger scale ceramic work Ian began using repeated modules to develop pattern and rhythm.... more

Functional Stoneware by Ian Dowling
Functional Stoneware

The production pots Ian makes are a range of sturdy, functional stoneware with form and decoration appropriate to their purpose. It is Ian's intention that these pots will not only perform well, but that they will bring great pleasure in their everyday use.... more

Sculptural Ceramics
Sculptural Ceramics

The most recent work explores the congruences and contrasts between weathered rock surfaces and ceramic sherd edges. Both have the potential to carry valuable information forward through time. One tells about the formative processes of the earth's crust; the other of mankinds patterns for living. ... more

Ceramic Design
Ceramic Design

A black glass day at Nucardup. Rippled deflections off the curved beach cut across the clean swell lines. This memory becomes the basis for the development of a series of forms from ceramic serving dishes to wall panels... more


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